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Warum Obama die Islamofaschisten in Teheran salonfähig macht

„The foundation of the new American-approved security framework was the recognition and respect of what Obama refers to as Iran’s ‚equities.‘ This translated into legitimization of Iranian spheres of influence throughout the region, especially in Iraq and Syria. For Obama, this recognition of Iran as a regional pillar worked on several levels, especially as it was in accord with the president’s clearly broadcast aversion to military intervention. Elevating Iran’s regional position provides the president with the possibility of establishing an alternative security structure, one that no longer relies on U.S. military power. Obama has repeatedly described the foundation as well as purpose of this new structure as establishing ‚equilibrium‘ between ‚the Shiites‘ – which, for Obama, means Iran – and ‚the Sunnis,‘ primarily meaning the Saudis. But this was effectively meaningless. In practice, Obama was looking for Iranian cooperation on key regional issues in order for him to shrink the American military footprint in the region. However, the president needed a mechanism that would, in one fell swoop, reduce tension with Iran and open the door to pursue cooperation in other areas. This, in short, is the purpose of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.“  ((Der wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter der Foundation for Defense of Democracies Tony Badran im US-amerikanischen Online Magazine Tablet: America Makes a U-Turn in the Middle East)


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