„Der Westen ist nicht schuld am Rückschritt in der muslimischen Welt“

„Five years ago, the Islamic world was brimming with the hopes of the Arab Spring. Even though the rot at the heart of Turkey and Malaysia has been in place for well over 10 years, other Muslim and Arab countries were looking forward to a brighter future, as they sought to rid themselves of the same kind of authoritarian or corrupt leaders that the most Westernised countries in the Islamic world now tolerate.

But it was not to be. … Note, however, what proportion of these woes affecting the Muslim world is in fact to do with the West and how much more it has to do with local or transnational Muslim factors. … [I]f the West just suddenly stopped existing tomorrow, would any of this get any better? The West is responsible for plenty of debacles and foreign policy blunders in the region. But it cannot be held responsible for the fact that so many Muslims there cannot abide to live in peace and justice just because they are a different tribe, or sect, or have a different political ideology.“ (Der Mitarbeiter am Royal Anthropological Institute der Universität Oxford Azeem Ibrahim auf der Website von Al Arabiya English: „The Muslim world is going backwards – and the West isn’t to blame“)

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