„Der UNO-Generalsekretär legitimiert Gewalt und Terror“

Israels UNO-Botschafter schreibt einen Brief an die New York Times:  

„As terror continues to wash over Israel, claiming more lives, the people in my country were surprised to find another infuriating statement by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in ‚Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel‘ (Op-Ed, Feb. 1). Throughout the United Nations’ history, terror attacks have received harsh and unequivocal condemnation from its secretaries general. Many times they were followed by Security Council resolutions. Only when it comes to Israel, however, is terrorism — like the murder of a mother in front of her children last month — denounced with ifs and buts. The secretary general writes that ‚history proves that people will always resist occupation.‘ Nothing can justify the murder of 30 innocent Israelis since last September. His statement legitimizes the Palestinian Authority’s incitement to terror and violence. If Mr. Ban is looking for the factors leading to terror, he should listen to the terrorists themselves, who have admitted that it is the hate-filled programming on the Palestinian Authority’s official TV that inspires them to stab and murder. When it comes to the situation in my region, the United Nations must focus its efforts to stop terror and incitement in order to cultivate a prosperous ground for peace.

Danny Danon, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Israel to the U.N

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