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Der politische Islam kennt keinen Aufbau, nur Zerstörung

„Egypt and Jordan, which controlled the Gaza Strip and West Bank, respectively, from 1949 to 1967, never dreamed of giving the Palestinians independence. An independent Gaza Strip was an opportunity for change. They could have become a model of welfare and prosperity. They could have sent a message to the whole world – and particularly Israel – that they can be trusted, that they can take responsibility for their destiny, that they were choosing a growth industry. This did not happen. They chose the industry of death and hate.

From the moment Hamas took over Gaza in a military coup, it was clear that this would be the result. Anywhere an Islamic organization takes over, the result is destruction and ruin. It has nothing to do with Israel. It has to do with the essence – yes, the essence – of political Islam. It does not know how to build. It knows how to destroy. It does not respect life. It honors death. The same is happening in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, the Sinai, and Libya. So if anybody thought something different was going to happen in Gaza, they suffered from a shortsighted delusion. Because Hamas is destruction.

Tens of thousands of tons of concrete for building homes were diverted to the construction of tunnels of death. Children – even children – were sent to forced labor under conditions of slavery. Hundreds were killed there. According to a report by the Institute for Palestine Studies, more than 160 children died by 2012. The institute got scared and tried to correct itself. After all, it is forbidden to show Hamas’s true face, because Israel has to be the one to blame. Only Israel can be blamed. Since, then there has been an increase in the numbers of dead children. It is safe to assume that the numbers are still rising, but the exact number will never be revealed. In this world, when Muslims massacre Muslims, the world does not care or keep tally, because they are allowed to.“ (Hier)


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