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„Der Nahe Osten ist das Zentrum eines globalen Religionskrieges“

„I consider today’s Middle East to be the center of a global religious war. Already during the Thirties, the Muslim Brothers and Hajj Amin al-Husseini had ‚islamized‘ the war against Zionism and the Jews. Hamas has continued this religious war, based on its Charter of 1988 which is mainly a religious document.

Since 1979, Iran has propagated a global religious war against the ‚world of arrogance‘ which means a war against those who are ‚arrogant‘ enough to make their own laws instead of bowing to Allah’s sharia law.

At the beginning of the Eighties, Ajatollah Khomenei discovered the cult of martyrdom and suicide bombing as a means of Islamist warfare. This tactic is solely based on religion and the promise of eternal paradise for those who succeed in mass murder. ‚It is vital to keep the culture of martyrdom alive‘, explained Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, in March 2015 while the nuclear negotiations took place. ‚This is one of the country’s basic needs. The culture of martyrdom is a culture of self-sacrifice for the sake of long-term goals.‘

These goals are of course religious goals. Khamenei is convinced that he has to fulfill a religious mission. That is why Iran’s foreign policy is never status quo-oriented but chiliastic and revolutionary with Israel’s destruction at the top of the agenda. To appease this regime, means to embolden it and to take the risk of terrible new wars.“ (Der Mena Watch-Gastautor Matthias Küntzel in einem Interview auf der italienischen Website L’informale: „Exclusive interview with Matthias Küntzel: ‚Middle East is the center of a global religious war‘“)


Matthias Küntzel auf Mena Watch:Flüchtlingskrise: Biedermann Steinmeier als Brandstifter

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