Der Krieg in Syrien und die palästinensische Heuchelei

„As Hezbollah, Iran and Assad are relentlessly using ‚Palestine‘ to justify their massacres and interference in Syria, we have rarely heard a word of sympathy toward the Syrian people from Palestinian political and public figures. As a matter of fact, except for a couple of writers, Palestinian journalists, intellectuals and artists have kept silent toward the atrocities against to the Syrian people, including the Palestinian refugees in Syrian camps. Even when the story of Yarmouk moved the world, no Palestinian figure came out to denounce the siege and destruction of the camp.

The Palestinians have to realize that they’ve lost the Arab depth, their credibility and their narrative. Today, they are hypocrites who demand everything and want to give nothing. Meanwhile their leadership and narrative are being used by Islamists, dictators and terrorists to launch the most atrocious wars. The Palestinians will not be forgiven. It is not only an ethical question; it is a matter of gaining credibility.“ (Die Redaktionsleiterin der libanesischen Nachrichten-Website NOW Hanin Ghaddar: The Palestinians’ hypocrisy on Syria“)

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