Der IS versucht, der Hisbollah in Südamerika Konkurrenz zu machen

„Venezuela under Hugo Chavez was an Iranian playground, giving free rein to its Hezbollah acolyte to arm, train and convert. During the 2006 war with Israel, the entire Wayuu indigenous tribe converted to Islam, adopting the Hezbollah name and consecrating the act by a failed attempt to bomb the US Embassy in Caracas.

Now Dabiq, ISIS’s website, has announced its mission to convert the native Mayas in Chiapas, Mexico and across the border in Guatemala. Exploiting the poverty and marginalization of the indigenous peoples, ISIS announced an ‚anti-colonial‘ campaign to Islamicize, among others,the Tainos in the Caribbean, the Wayuu beyond Venezuela in Ecuador, the Guarani and Amazonian tribes in Brazil.“ (Die beiden Mitarbeiter des Simon Wiesenthal Center Shimon Samuels und Ariel Gelblung in der israelischen Tageszeitung Jerusalem Post: „Analysis: The ISIS-Hezbollah rivalry in Latin America“)

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