Demonstranten verbrennen Israelfahne vor Parteitag der Demokraten

„Left-wing protesters demonstrating outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday night torched Israeli and American flags amid chants of ‚Intifada!‘ and ‚Go home, F*** Hillary!‘ Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau tweeted images from the scene along with video of the demonstrators igniting a number of pro-Bernie Sanders posters placed on the fence outside the convention venue at the Wells Fargo Center. (…)

The Democratic party faced an internal crisis this week after a massive data breach on its national leadership was revealed. A hack of the Democratic National Committee and leak of over 20,000 emails has already claimed the scalp of the party’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, who was compelled to resign on Sunday. The leak revealed bias among top DNC brass toward Clinton during her primary fight against Sanders.“

(Bericht in der Jerusalem Post: „Protesters torch Israeli flag outside Democratic National Convention“)

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