Was Abbas‘ Partei unter der Zwei-Staaten-Lösung versteht

„On the occasion of yesterday’s peace conference with representatives from 72 countries in Paris, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated that if the US moves its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it might lead the Palestinians to ‚cancel‘ their ‚recognition of Israel:‘ ‚President Abbas said that he wrote to Trump and warned him of the consequences of the transfer of the embassy, and noted that this »will not only negate any legitimacy of the US to fill a role in settling the conflict, but will also annihilate the two-state solution.« He added that the Palestinians will discuss several options for a response, after consultations are held with Arab states, and said: »Cancelling our recognition of Israel will be one of them. «‘ [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 15, 2017]

However, the clear fact is that the Palestinian Authority and Fatah have never really recognized the State of Israel. For 20 years, Palestinian Media Watch has been exposing that, despite peace negotiations, agreements, and declarations, the Palestinians have never recognized Israel’s right to exist – in any borders. In speeches, at events, and visually, the PA, Fatah, and their leaders have continued to present ‚Palestine‘ as including all of Israel and have expressed that the final goal is that all Israel’s land will be in one state: ‚Palestine.‘“ (Itamar Marcus: „Abbas threatens to cancel PA recognition of Israel… but the PA has never really recognized Israel“)



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