Befristete Waffenruhe à la Assad

Das melden deutschen Zeitungen: „Die syrische Armee hat einen zeitweiligen Waffenstillstand für das gesamte Land angekündigt. Er soll bereits am Mittwoch beginnen, hieß es aus Damaskus. Syriens Führung hat für drei Tage eine einseitige Waffenruhe für das gesamte Land ausgerufen. Diese beginne am Mittwoch und ende am Freitagabend um Mitternacht, berichtete die staatliche Nachrichtenagentur Sana.“

Und das ist die Realität einseitiger Waffenruhen in Syrien: „Pro-Assad forces are threatening to finally cut off the opposition in Aleppo, following an advance north of Syria’s largest city on Thursday. Both pro-regime and pro-opposition accounts acknowledged that the Syrian military, enabled by Russian bombing and accompanied by Iraqi and Palestinian militias, moved into the southern part of the al-Mallah Farms. They closed on the al-Castello Road, the last main route into opposition-held parts of Aleppo. The latest offensive by pro-Assad forces began last Friday. The regime, Russia, and foreign forces have been trying to cut off the route for months, with a series of failed offensives against the area near Handarat village and al-Mallah. (…) A rebel fighter said that Russia and the Assad regime were ‚unleashing hell‘, with ‚parachutes‚‘ – Russian bombs and possibly cluster munitions – ‚raining‘ on the al-Castello Road.“

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