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Außenminister Zarif: Es gibt die Aufteilung zwischen „Moderaten“ und „Hardlinern“ im Iran nicht

„At the heart of the Obama administration’s diplomatic engagement with Iran is the notion that the regime is divided among hard-liners who foment its terrorism and regional aggression and more moderate forces who are open to cooperation with the West. The embodiment of the latter is said to be Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, an English-speaking favorite of many Western journalists and, even more so, Secretary of State John F. Kerry. However, if there really is a gulf between Mr. Zarif and the supposed hard-liners, he often does a good job of disguising it. …

In the meantime, it’s worth considering the response Ms. Wright got when she asked the foreign minister about President Obama’s recent reference to ‚the more reasonable forces in Iran.‘ ‚That’s what I do not believe — that dividing Iran into »reasonable« and »unreasonable« forces is either correct, conducive, or anybody’s business,‘ said Mr. Zarif. ‚When the United States exercised that practice in the past, it didn’t produce results.‘“ (Die Redaktionsleitung der Tageszeitung Washington Post: „Iran’s ‚moderates‘ and the Holocaust“)


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