Assads Kriegsverbrechen machen sich bezahlt

Moadamiyeh - DarayaThe Syrian capital’s western suburb of Moadamiyeh, which a UN report said was gassed with toxic sarin in 2013, has suffered a three-year government siege that left its estimated 28,000 residents with dwindling food and medical supplies.

On Thursday, Moadamiyeh’s residents agreed to let President Bashar Assad’s government restore its security presence and political institutions in the suburb, according to Hassan Ghadour, a resident and leading negotiator of the deal. (…)

At a press conference in Geneva, the UN envoy to Syria warned of Syrian government’s use of siege tactics to force evacuations of residents from specific areas, citing the example of Daraya, a neighboring suburb of Moadamiyeh from where residents were evacuated after it was surrendered to the government.

‚After Daraya, we may have other Darayas,‘ Staffan de Mistura said.

Government forces kept Daraya under tight siege for four years after the suburb evicted security forces in 2012, and ultimately secured an agreement for the estimated 6,000 remaining civilians to leave the area last week. De Mistura acknowledged such examples, if repeated, ‚could be a strategy‘ that is taking place.

De Mistura’s humanitarian adviser, Jan Egeland, says the UN humanitarian task force for Syria had ‚failed the people of Daraya.‘ He warned that sieges on al-Waer in Homs and Madaya, near Damascus, could force similar exoduses.

(Ara News: „Dozens killed in Syrian airstrikes, another Damascus suburb surrenders“. Sehen Sie auch: „Weiterer Erfolg von Assads Kriegsverbrechen: Die ‚Evakuierung‘ von Daraya“)

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