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Arzt von Palästinensischer Autonomiebehörde entlassen – weil er israelischen Terroropfern half

„A Palestinian man who was first to offer assistance at the scene of the Route 60 terrorist attack that killed Rabbi Michael Mark and injured his wife and daughter last month has been dismissed from his public service job in the Palestinian Authority. J., whose full name has not been made public, was the first of two Palestinians who provided assistance to the Mark family immediately following the attack. Dr. Ali Abu Sherech, a doctor from the Hebron area, also stopped at the scene within minutes of the attack and provided medical care to the family. A relative of J.’s told Israel Hayom that ‚since it became clear that he was the first to arrive at the scene of the attack and that he helped the victims, he and his family have been subjected to a smear campaign and received threats.‘

‚He is not scared, but it bothers him that he and his family have become outcasts since the event. More than anything, it hurts him that he was fired from his job in the public sector of the Palestinian Authority. They told him that he was let go because of budget cuts, but he was the only one who was fired a few days after the incident.‚‘  (…) The Palestinian Authority has declined to comment on the incident.“

(Efrat Forsher/Daniel Siryoti/Yori Yalon: „PA fires Palestinian who helped Jewish terror victims“)

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