Amtsende: Obamas seltsame Ernennungspolitik

neuer_rhodes„Outgoing President Barack Obama’s choice on Tuesday of top aide Ben Rhodes to serve on the US Holocaust Memorial Council drew a slew of online ire over Rhodes’ controversial record on Israel-related issues. Rhodes – whose role as Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications will come to an end on Friday with the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump – was a leading advocate of the Iran nuclear deal and a vocal critic of Israeli settlement policies. (…) UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer tweeted, ‚No joke: Obama names aide who bragged of whitewashing Iran’s Holocaust-denying regime to Holocaust memorial council.‘ (…)

Last week, as reported by The Algemeiner, the ombudsman of PBS called on the station to issue a ‚clarifying or correcting‘ statement in the wake of a false claim made by Rhodes during an interview with Judy Woodruff in December that Israel was constructing ‚tens of thousands‘ of new settlements in the West Bank. Just a few days after the PBS ‚NewsHour‘ interview, Rhodes – who was born to a Jewish mother – was called an ‚expert at fiction‘ by Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer for asserting that the Obama administration did not orchestrate the passage of the anti-settlement UN Security Council resolution last month. In a New York Times Magazine profile published in May, Rhodes – the holder of a M.F.A. in creative writing – admitted to creating a media ‚echo chamber‘ to promote the Iran nuclear deal. Reporters were ‚saying things that validated what he had given them to say‘ he revealed.“ (Barney Breen-Portnoy: „‚This Man Is a Spite Machine‘. Obama Blasted on Social Media for Appointment of Ben Rhodes to Holocaust Memorial Council“)

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