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Als Italiens Regierung Terroranschläge gegen Juden auf italienischem Territorium genehmigte

„The 1970s and ’80s were characterized by the wave of Palestinian terror that swept across the globe in an attempt to bring the ‚Palestinian problem‘ to the world’s attention. The period was marked by murders, aircraft-hijackings and the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich. The PLO’s primary demands were the release of Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli jails and international recognition of their struggle. Menachem Gantz, Ynet’s Rome correspondent, revealed a few years ago that Italy had also reached a similar surrender agreement with the Palestinians. In an interview with the paper in 2008, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga acknowledged that his country ‚allowed Palestinian terrorists to carry out terror attacks against Jews and Israelis in its territory, in return for refraining from attacking Italian targets.‘ ‚In return for a free hand in Italy,‘ Cossiga revealed, ‚the Palestinians promised that Italy and Italian targets outside the country’s borders would be safe from terror attacks – as long as those targets didn’t cooperate with Zionists and the State of Israel.‘“ (Der Journalist Daniel Bettini auf der israelischen Nachrichtenwebsite Ynet: How Switzerland surrendered to Palestinian terrorism)


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