„Iranerinnen werden in ihrem Kampf gegen die Zwangsverschleierung alleingelassen“

„The founder of the biggest social movement against enforced hijab in Iran has accused European politicians of hypocrisy for not challenging compulsary hijab following the outcry over the burkini ban. Masih Alinejad was invited to speak at a public debate in Brussels on worldwide policing of women’s bodies to discuss the burkini ban and freedom of choice. The discussion was hosted by MEPs Angelika Mlinar and Sophie in’t Veld. (…)

‚Why has the burkini ban been suspended after less than a month, but hijab has remained compulsory for more than 37 years? It is because our struggles and our protests against compulsory hijab are on our own and we are alone. We, the women of Iran, are alone to fight against compulsory hijab.‘ ‚I have met many female politicians around the world. I have sent letters to female politicians who go to Iran.‘ She questioned why the world was ‚screaming‘ over the burkini ban, while female politicians such as Catherine Ashton were visiting Iran and not challenging compulsory hijab there. ‚Politicians say [compulsary hijab] is a law, and we have to respect it. The burkini ban was a law until people protested against it.‘“

(Heather Saul: „Campaigner asks why burkini ban was dropped in a month but enforced hijab law remains in Iran after decades“)


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