Ägyptischer Abgeordneter: Jungfrauentests für Studentinnen

agina„Egyptian member of parliament Elhamy Agina continued his recent string of controversial statements, this time calling for all women to undergo mandatory ‚virginity tests‘ to ensure their virginity prior to being admitted to universities in Egypt. In statements to Youm7, Agina, who was previously disciplined for stating women must undergo female genital mutilation, called on the Minister of Higher Education to issue a mandate that would require him or his officials to review all virginity tests prior to providing female students with university cards.

‚Any girl who enters university, we have to check her medical examination to prove that she is a Miss. Therefore, each girl must present an official document upon being admitted to university stating she’s a Miss,‘ said Agina, with ‚Miss‘ being a censored way to refer to the woman as a virgin. ‚No one should be upset by this decision,‘ said Agina in the interview, adding that the tests would help reduce the number or ‚urfi marriages‘ in Egypt. ‚If you’re upset then that means you’re scared that your daughter is [or was] in an »urfi« marriage behind your back.‘ Urfi marriages, sometimes translated into English as customary marriages, involve a marriage without the public approval of the bride’s guardians. In other words, while the marriage contract may be officiated by a religious cleric or a state official, the marriage takes place in secret and only requires two other witnesses.“

(Bericht auf Egyptian Streets: „Egyptian MP Calls for Mandatory Virginity Tests for Admittance of Women to Universities“)

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