Weniger Genitalverstümmelung in Irakisch-Kurdistan

stop-fgm„A study by the Heartland Alliance in cooperation with Unicef and the High Council of Women Affairs shows a dramatic decrease in rates of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Northern Iraq when comparing mothers and daughters. Among mothers surveyed 44,8% reported to be cut compared to 10,7% of their daughters. Results also show a direct link between campaigning and decline of rates. Religion remains a major factor among those who continue the procedure on their children.

The Heartland Alliance, an international non-government organization based in the US, surveyed a sample of 5990 mothers of girls aged 4 to 14 from the four governorates of the Kurdish region of Iraq Erbil, Dohuk, Suleymania and Halabja. The decline in FGM rates was found across all regions and in all education and income groups.“ (Bericht auf Stop FGM Middle East: Heartland study shows steep decline of FGM rates in Iraqi Kurdistan“)

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