Abbas fällt zum Terror in Jerusalem nichts ein

mogehrini-abbasA saying attributed to Golda Meir comes to mind: ‚Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.‘ We agree. If al-Qanbar had cared for himself, his children and his family – not to mention the soldiers he rammed into – he never would have carried out his attack on Sunday. While we still don’t know what pushed al-Qanbar to carry out his attack, the incitement that comes out daily from the Palestinian Authority plays an important role.

The failure by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to condemn the attack by Monday night – more than 36 hours since it took place – is part of a culture of hate, violence and intransigence. A ‚peace partner‘ does not remain silent when innocent 20-year-olds are deliberately run down by a truck on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem. A real peace partner speaks up, shouts and condemns.

But maybe that is the difference between Israel and the PA. Following the rare few instances of Jewish terrorism – like the Duma arson attack in 2015 that killed three members of the Dawabshe family – every single Israeli politician from across the spectrum condemned it in the harshest of terms. Our ‚peace partners‘ apparently don’t know how.“ (Editorial in der Jerusalem Post: „Jerusalem attack exposes Israel’s false peace partner“)

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